Why Study Buddy ?

Does my school qualify to receive Study Buddy tutoring?

Study Buddy is targeted at serving the economically challenged student. If your school or after school program supports students who attend a Title I School or a large majority of your students live in impoverished neighborhoods or can’t afford the cost of tutoring; or qualify for the Federal Free or Reduced Meal Program then you are eligible for the Study Buddy program. You may also qualify if you are supported by a grant. Send an email to our team to ask to participate at studybuddy@studybuddyhelp.org.

How do colleges and universities evaluate community service when admitting new students?

NSTEP has spoken with several university admissions officers regarding this important issue. We would like to share the response of an admissions director from a leading competitive university. As schools become more and more selective, they are forced to look at a complete view of a student, rather than simply his/her grades and test scores. Selective institutions don’t just look highly upon community service, it’s practically expected. We take a look at how involved someone is in each particular extracurricular event. While anyone can list 20 organizations that they “belong to,” we appreciate students that have a couple of pursuits that they are truly passionate about. We highly regard leadership and longevity in extracurricular activities. Someone who has been part [of Study Buddy], stayed with it for a few years, and perhaps tutored other mentor

What if the tutor doesn't know how to do the problem?

The tutor should kindly inform the student that they don't know how to do the problem.  And then both the student and the tutor should log-out of the whiteboard. The student should request a new tutor, and the tutor should learn how to do the subjects in which they tutor!

Is the time recorded only when in a book with a student or while you are waiting to tutor someone?

With our new website, we are still working on calculating the time that you have logged in to Study Buddy and are waiting to tutor.  

Can a tutor become a tutee to get help on their homework?

Yes.  However, the tutor will need to use a different email to register as a student.

Can we use Study Buddy as much as we want?

Yes!  There is no limit to the number of times you may request tutoring or give tutoring.  Tutoring sessions may last as long as you need them to be.

How does my teacher get my community service credit?

Study Buddy will send a monthly report to your teacher.

Does a tutor receive community service credit hours for the time spent waiting to tutor?

Yes. A tutor will receive partial credit, up to 10 hours a month

How much credit do you get for tutoring?

Coming soon...

On the whiteboard, do students and tutors have the same capabilities?

Yes, the tutor and student can both draw, write, etc. on the screen.  Chatting occurs in the sidebard.

Do I need to schedule myself to tutor?

The short answer is yes.  All tutors need to fill out the Availability Schedule in the Study Buddy Dashboard. Students can find and schedule you for tutoring through your schedule. You will receive an email and a text when you have been scheduled.  You can also log-in to Study Buddy when you are available and ready to immediately tutor, although this only works when a student has logged on at that same time and is looking for a tutor immediately.  There are two ways you can tutor: Immediate or Scheduled Tutoring.  Immediate tutoring occurs when you log-in to your account, and are requested as a tutor.  A pop-up will occur on your screen, and you'll have a chance to accept that tutoring session.  The other way is to SCHEDULE yourself to be available at a future time, and a student will select that time.  You and the student will meet at the pre-scheduled time on the whiteboard in the link provided.