The National Science & Technology Education Partnership (NSTEP) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit works with corporations, foundations and individuals to fund the Study Buddy program to deliver much needed homework support to middle and high school students striving to improve their math and science content understanding, homework completion and test preparation. NSTEP leverages relationships with like-minded community based organizations, public, private and charter schools to communicate the availability of the Study Buddy program and deliver the service in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


Our Funding Partners

AT&T Foundation

Crowell & Mooring

Peterson Companies

TE Connectivity Foundation

The Mental Wellness Foundation

United Technologies

Anonymous Individual Donnors

Our Community Based Organization Partners

Serve Your City

Capital Partners for Education

Higher Achievement Program

George Mason Early Identification Program

KIPP Through College

DC Prep

Mu Alpha Theta

College Bound

Tiger Woods Foundation Learning Centers

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Our Global Partners

Having over 9 million students worldwide and more than 50,000 online courses available.
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